Favorite Photos Part 1

As we come to the end of year six of the blog, I thought we'd have a bit of a photo review. I have a lot of favorite photos, some of which have been seen on the blog before. Since there are so many, there will be a couple of installments of this. We'll go by season, so first up is Spring! 

 Rue Anemone

 Wild Bleeding Heart

Giant Blue Cohosh

Blister Beetle

 Canada Violet

 Dwarf Crested Iris

 Harvester Butterfly

 Rue Anemone

 Shelter Trail with Crab Apple and Redbud


 Smokehouse with Flame Azalea

 Yellow Iris

 a Pink Azalea

 a Really Big Snapping Turtle 

 a native bee on Snowdrops

 Marsh Marigold


 Foam Flower

 Puttyroot Orchid (above and below)

 Wild Geranium


 Indian Cucumber Root


Pink Crabapple

 Garter Snake

 Pink Lady's Slipper

 Showy Orchis

 a Snail

 Three-lobed Violet

Large-flowered Trillium